About Us

Creating completely customized, beautiful designs for your specific jewelry item.

Our mission is to design and manufacture our jewelry to the highest standards including sustainably sourced materials.

Z.Jova Jewelry - Zodiac Letter Jewelry

Over 38 Years of Experience

We know how to make the perfect product just for you.

Z.Jova Inc. is an exceptional digital design and jewelry manufacturing company with a flawless reputation and is based in NYC. Our company has had a hand in many celebrity red carpet one of kind jewelry as well as general jewelry for over 38 years.

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and to give you the experience of creating your jewelry together. We keep your personal information secure and do not share.  We provide a guarantee/warranty covering our craftsmanship, and our jewelry will last a lifetime. We list all of our policies for your information.

On-Time Quality

We supervise every step from design to production of each piece of jewelry that we make in NYC. Our innovative new concept of Zodiac Letters is not only personal and unique but our customers interactively create their own jewelry telling their personal story.

Zodiac Letters™ is a concept created by Joseph Varjabedian combining letters and zodiac signs. Z.Jova is the only company designing and producing this trademarked and copyrighted concept available exclusively through our website and social media channels.

Z.Jova Jewelry - Zodiac Letter Jewelry
Z.Jova Jewelry - Zodiac Letter Jewelry

Combining Letters & Zodiacs For a New Creation!