For the First Time Experience Custom-Made Jewelry that Combines Letters and Zodiac Signs for an Amazing New Look Zodiac Letters™

The Simplicity of Your Initial with The Elegance of The Zodiac Symbols
Z.Jova has made a unique combination of both in our new Zodiac Letters™


Z.Jova will take you on a journey to create your own jewelry with endless options instantly. Each Zodiac Letter™ combines zodiac signs with letters that you choose interactively.

Each Zodiac Letter™ combines zodiac signs with letters that you choose interactively. You select the type of jewelry, letters, and zodiac signs which appear instantly. Next, you select the type of precious metal, color(s), and any accessories such as chain length, ring or bracelet size, and optional birthstones, diamonds, or gemstones. The final design is displayed for your approval. Once you click Order, your jewelry will be shipped within 15 business days, arriving in our branded packaging. 

Whether it is a gift for yourself, a family member, a friend, a relative, a spouse, or a pet, Zodiac Letters™ tells your story in a unique, innovative, and custom way. Let’s begin creating your personal jewelry together today.  

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When Alphabet Meets Zodiac

We make sure that your piece exceeds your expectations and that you are completely satisfied with your customized results.








Special Orders

Special Orders

Design Your Own Custom Piece

Making Something as Unique as You

Combine our beautiful fine jewelry with your personal heritage. Choose your metal, add your name, your zodiac, or gems. Make your choices and combine them in any way you'd like.

This piece can truly be a reflection of you.

The Z.Jova Universe

The new concept of combining letters with zodiac signs is our Zodiac Letters. TM created by Joseph Varjabedian, owner of Z. Jova. An accomplished manufacturer with global training and expertise spanning over 38 years, Joseph engineered and developed the Zodiac Letters to meet a need for artistic designs with the added value of a collaborative experience with customers. For this unique experience to be available, Joseph created designs for access by customers in every possible configuration. This has taken three years to complete. Now, a beautiful piece of jewelry can be created virtually and then be produced in our facility in NYC.

We are delighted to share the joy of jewelry that tells a personal story.

Best-selling Creations

Take our brilliant designs and make it your own, personal heirloom.

Z.Jova Jewelry - Zodiac Letter Jewelry

Combining Letters & Zodiacs For a New Creation!